Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Representing Life! Sonia Pierre

A woman’s Representation of Life is in her movement,her fire and her ability to gather the wisdom to continue moving forward.

Sonia was the representation of this woman,this warrior,this Queen. Today she was buried in her hometown of Lecheria were her fire for justice was lit at the age of 13.It is only fitting that those who knew her, loved her and admire her, share her life with you.

When I heard of my dear friend and colleague making her transition, I immediately began to think about the women I have met on this journey. It then came to me that these women, my sisters, have become my voice of wisdom, comfort, joy and strength.

We don’t have casual friendships. We have nursed each other back from illness, held each other in moments of grief, consoled each other through heartbreak and celebrated life’s accomplishments together.

We have become a family and the distance between us is not an obstacle.

This is why I can say, I have lost a dear friend. We have lost a true Guerrera!

Sonia began speaking of the injustice Haitians were facing in Santo Domingo at the age of 13 when she was first arrested. She believed in the humanity of her people, safety and justice for women and human rights of all.

She loved Santo Domingo. Although most who did not agree with her painted her as Anti-Dominican. If you ever sat with her you knew that was not her. That was not the way she moved.

Sonia made those who moved with self hatred think. She challenged those on both sides of the island of Hispaniola to speak truth and defend the rights of the people.

She was threatened constantly by government officials and ridiculed in the Dominican press for speaking up. They went as far as wanting to remove her Dominican citizenship. This week many of those continued their negative rant.

This is why I feel it important to write this Reflection about her Representation of Life. I refuse, we refuse and you should refuse, to sit back and have her name tainted and her death presented in such a negative way.

We should all be screaming, Where is the humanity?! Donde esta la humanidad?!
Sonia’s passing is about us familia! This woman, this Queen, is us. She knew no other way to live her life but to serve the greater good and to seek justice for her people, for all of us.

Today as her hermanas mourn her death with those who loved her, I scream out loud, te queremos mucho mi hermana, seguiremos usando tus palabras y hablando tu verdad!

I find comfort in knowing that she will be joining Ann Marie and they will be laughing and dancing and that their spirit will hold us and protect us as we continue speaking their truth.

Her legacy, her Representation of Life, her grace and strength, will light the fire in our footsteps. May the ancestors welcome her with a bright light to her new thrown.

Rest in peace querida Sonia.

In peace

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