Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I See You; Celebrating Our Light

I See You; Celebrating OUR Light

Entering many heart impacting spaces in the past few months has grounded me in the light of a Black Woman, A Woman of African descent and An Afro descendant. As I prepare to leave my recent space, I find it necessary to pull out my notebook and write this note to you.

My love for the energy that guides me feels overwhelming yet comforting. I have shared each journey with you in a variety of ways. I could break down each moment and share each detail but I will not bore you in that way. This is all to say that the thing I want you to hear, understand and see is that each stop confirmed my love for those who guide me. They showed me in the most profound way that they are present. 

My love for those who stand close is confirmed. I will always see you in your loving light, your righteous light. 

Yes, this speaks to my spiritual journey that goes hand in hand with the journey of my development as a woman, an activist, a writer and a poet.

The ability to see myself in the eyes, heart, and experience of people of African descent confirms that we are truly Brothers and Sisters, King and Queens.

I write this blog with tears in my eyes for this gift that was handed to me. This gift showers every sense of my being. 

Yes, I get tired. Yes, it is a constant sacrifice. Yes, many lessons learned. Yes, many new places and new people. Yes, it hurts at times. But all of that has brought me closer to the woman that can say out loud, I see myself which allows me to see you. 

To do this work you do have to reveal yourself. I am proud of you! As we continue to grow, to learn, to search and to reach with the intent to continue embracing our light.

The heart is heavy and full for a love that is difficult to fully explain. When you arrive at this place, let me know, we can share stories. We can celebrate our given light and crown. Like one of my friends says to me, you’re so BLACK! Today and every day, that’s a great thing.

In light and peace

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