Tuesday, January 3, 2017

More Sweetness In Life

More Sweetness In Life

I closed out 2016 doing things I love, sharing space with people I love. I fell asleep on the New Year smiling at this unplanned joy that showed up bright and full of, I am ready, let's do this. 

New Year means a new you but I arrived at a few places in 2016 that allowed the full me to show up and I am taking that person with me into 2017. That person is unapologetically African, Black, Pan African and in love with that light.

That clarity will show up in the continued work of Encuentro Diaspora Afro. We will keep doing it our way which is, embracing our Africanness. That clarity will allow us to keep finding new ways to share that love with our community.  We will share this sweetness in life in more intentional ways with the hope of bringing those along who still ask the question, Am I Black? Am I an Afro descendant?

The clarity I stand with today in the knowing my strengths and my weaknesses grounds me in the light of keep growing, keep learning  and keep loving with the intention of bringing more sweetness in life. 

This is not absent of struggle. It is in the absolute knowing that struggle will be present yet placing the intention of an outcome that allows us, me, to keep moving forward.

This also takes courage. Courage to say, I know it’s coming but I will find a way out or through. This will translate for Encuentro Diaspora Afro as we will keep rising by any means necessary. For me, I refuse to feel defeated. 

The work we do, I do, and the work I have dedicated my life to do is built on love. I don't want to ever forget that. I look to this New Year to show it, speak it, write it, dance it, cry with it, feel with it and share it with you in an unapologetic way. This is who we are! This is who I am and in the righteous light I stand with today and this is who you will see in 2017. So Happy New Year familia! Let the sweetness begin! 

Here is the song we are singing as we welcome more sweetness in 2017

Peace, Love and Light,


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