Tuesday, December 31, 2019

May 2019- Home is where the Soul Beams

May 2019

Home is where the Soul beams 

Those who know me know that everything feels complete when I am home. My Panamanian spirit is always present. I move with that light, I think with that light, I love with that light. To go home and share the adult that I am today, the poet, the activist, the storyteller, the woman I am made for some soul tapping moments. 

I was invited to be a part of the Etnia Negra, Africa en America events. My poetry book, Nubian Butterfly: The Transformation of a Soulful Heart was released. My book is dedicated to my dad and although he could not make the events, he was with me every step of the way. All my soul kept saying was, they see me at home! 

Another high and grounding moment was my alone time in Portobelo. This space lifts it all. To share with my Portobelo family grounds me in a love that is difficult to describe. This has become a must when I am home. This is my #SacredSpace 

I don’t think I can find the words to describe what it felt like to share with students at the university, to share space with those who I admire and who inspire. In a short space of time, I shared the Unapologetic Black woman I have become with the love and guidance and those in Boston and those around the country with those who feed and inspire my every move. The journey and all the sacrifices that came with it, felt complete. 

Here are a few of my journal entries throughout the trip.

May 30th- The official day at home. I closed out this special time at home walking in the streets of my home town, the city that shaped, the city that taught me Black resiliency. To do holding the Rastafari flag with the Rastafari community was extra, extra special. 

May 28th - Sharing my #poetry with students, listening to their poems and spending time with the future generations of #poets and #activist was a highlight during this special trip. The future is in good hands. 🙂

May 26- My love affair with these streets, these beautiful #Africans, #BlackLoving people, runs deep. Every moment about today is why I will continue raising its name up high. It’s not the visual that makes it, it’s the heartbeat of an unbreakable soul. Thank you to Tío Nini, Sistren Fyah Love and the Rastafarian community for making this day extra special. Proud to walk with you. 
I will return to Boston with a reminder of what keeps me Rising Up above it all and the deep love that I come from. I am and will continue to be because they Are. One Love 

May 21st- On the eve of the release of this project of #love and #transformation, I give thanks to those whose shoulders I stand on. Thanks to my father, sister and brother for their ongoing support. Gracias, to Sr. Luis for believing in my words and putting this together. Marlon, for the beautiful cover. Gracias to Gustavo for the back cover. To my mentor, the man who fought for Black History Month, Gracias Sr. Claral Richards. To Mr. Winston, thank you for believing in me. To Usha Mayani and David Cabrera, this could not have finished without your support. To my friends and supportive circle, thank you. 
My soulful heartbeat  is in these pages. I look forward to sharing more about this journey tomorrow. I can’t find the word that best describes what it means to have it released at home. #love #light #transformation

MAY 21st - Her support and patience made this possible. This is our first in person meeting. She is everything she has been throughout this process, a true genuinely kind spirit. Gracias Zinnia! The book is beautiful! #journey #transformation #poetry #poesia #expression

On my return on May 28th I wrote this - On my way back to Boston. I will do my best to hold on to the loving and uplifting energy of my family, this sisterhood that feeds the spirit while leaning on the supportive energy of those who join me on this journey. Corazón contento! #MiTierra #heartbeat

Miren esta belleza! #Panama- Memoria: Festival Africa en America. Felicidades Alexandra Schjelderup por los cuatro años del festival y por esta bella memoria. Gracias por incluirme, no solo en el libro,  pero también mi voz como activista y poeta Panameña. Link para ver el libro completo.

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