Friday, December 29, 2017

Women of African Descent/African Latina Day in Boston

Women of African Descent/African Latina Day Boston

(These are the words I delivered in July at the City Council meeting presenting the Resolution proclaiming the 25th of July as Afro-Latin American, Afro-Caribbean Diaspora Women's Day in the City of Boston.)

Giving thanks to the ancestors and those whose shoulders I stand on. Thank you to City Councilor Tito Jackson for always including the voice of the African Latina. Thank you to the City Council for supporting this important resolution.

Thanks to my family, my mother for her guiding light, my father for his love and my sister and brother for their ongoing support. To the Founders of the Red de Mujeres Afro, Dorotea, Ann Marie, Maricruz, Paola, Ana Irma, Lidice, Ms. Phyllis, Dona Berta and so many other inspiring hermanas, Felicidades! Gracias por su inspiracion! 

To the Queens, Reinas of Encuentro Diaspora Afro who stand with me today, Gracias, Thank you. Love you! To those who have guided me and supported me here in Boston, much love and admiration. To the guerreros of RCAA/ARAAC and all the African/ Black men who walk this journey with me, Thank you, Gracias.

Mujeres Afro, Afro Latinas, Africanas, digan Presente!

Black Queens, African Queens, Diaspora Queens, Rise Up!

Today we celebrate Our Truth, our light. The Red de Mujeres Afro was founded in 1992 to demand our space and raise our voice. Encuentro Diaspora Afro was founded in Boston in 2004 to speak our truth and Rise and Shine in our Africaness, our Blackness. RCAA/ARAAC was founded in 2016 to place Africa at the center of the Latin American and Caribbean experience. Today we are 200 million + in the Region. We are still demanding our space and speaking our truth. 

Let us continue demanding and speaking as Women of African decent, Black women in the Americas. Let us Rise today and everyday proud of our roots, proud of our melanin.
May we continue to walk together on this journey. May we see and embrace the light in each other. Ase! Gracias! Thank you! 

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